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I'm a working professional living in San Francisco, Ca with my partner and have called the Bay Area home for the last 10 years. I have worked in the mobile growth space for both small startups and large corporations. My career started in the interior design industry where I worked for a small startup that looked to bring a personal interior design eye to the modern woman. Working with such a small company I learned to be scrappy, roll my sleeves up, and be solution-driven with any problem that presented itself. This set up my career with a great foundation. From there, I moved over to Oracle where I worked email and lifecycle marketing, spent some time in the gaming industry working on hyper-growth for apps, made my way to Google working with the largest app advertisers on Google's UAC product and I currently work in the growth marketing space for a large travel company.


Outside of my 9-5 I love having the opportunity to connect with other women as well as give back to my community. I hope to use this space as a way to reach a wider audience and help you grow your business. I look forward to hearing more about your passions and sharing them with the masses. Whether that be finding new users in your market or deep diving into your customer base to analyze what really drives them.

Taurus  |  Sagittarius Moon

Hobbies: Ceramics, Gardening, Cooking, Reading, Sustainability, Traveling, Live Music

Favorite Book: Speaking of Summer - Kalisha Buckhanon

Favorite Song: Album? Ego Death - The Internet

Favorite Movie: Any Lifetime Christmas Movie

Drink of Choice: Full Bodied Cab

Coffee Order: Oat Milk Flat White

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